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What’s inside:
  • Hydrating IV fluid and vitamins known to boost your libido

  • 1000 ml of fluid

  • ​An amino blend to help boost your mood and energy levels while increasing blood flow, increasing stamina, and reducing muscle soreness.​

  • ​Blend of B vitamins to assist with energy 


Benefits: The Peak Performance Infusion is perfect for professional and amateur athletes as part of a pre-event boost and post-event recovery plan. The Peak Performance Infusion contains electrolytes, all your B vitamins, amino acids including Taurine for an instant energy boost and also helping with muscle function and recovery.


Who’s it good for:
  • To increase stamina and endurance at the gym

  • To improve blood flow

  • To enhance your love life

  • Improve muscle function and recovery before or after athletic event


Treatment: 75 min

$125 per treatment
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