Thriving Against the Odds 

Because the odds are :


  • 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime

  • Your Cancer will come back or the treatment will leave you with devastating late effects 

  • You will unnecessarily suffer through conventional treatment 



Did you know that only 5-10% of Cancer is caused by damaged DNA and the remaining 90-95% is caused by unhealthy lifestyles and a poor diet. 




Being able to determine what works and what doesn’t, what’s necessary and what isn’t, can take precious time that cannot be wasted. There is an enormous amount of knowledge required in order to make smart, life-saving decisions regarding your journey. I will help you determine which therapies and treatments will be most effective for your very specific and unique case. Every patients’ cancer is a combination of unique issues.  Not all cancers have the same cause. 


Addressing your TERRAIN.  Your terrain is the various influences in your life that create the your soil that grew the cancer.  Your diet, past medical treatments, traumas, toxic exposures and genetics/epigenetics have all contributed to your cancer diagnosis. 


There is no successful cancer therapy that does not include addressing a broken terrain.


I follow the most up-to-date, well documented Integrative and metabolic-based protocols that either complement your conventional care or lead you out of a program that is failing you as your disease continues to progress. 


Long term complications may include increased gut permeability, impaired cardiovascular health, decreased cognitive health and neurological function and debilitating neuropathy, destruction of the immune system and even death. 


There is a BETTER way- a comprehensive plan with support and guidance - made just for YOU - not a generic protocol but a path carved out just for YOU based on your labs, oncology results, epigenetics, nutritional deficiencies, gut health, hormonal imbalances and emotional health. 


I would be honored to be part of your TEAM. 


Dr. Dagmara Beine 

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