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Thriving Against the Odds 

Did you know that only 5-10% of Cancer is caused by damaged DNA and the remaining 90-95% is caused by unhealthy lifestyles and a poor diet. Being able to determine what works and what doesn’t, what’s necessary and what isn’t, can take precious time that cannot be wasted. There is an enormous amount of knowledge required in order to make smart, life-saving decisions regarding your journey. We will help you determine which therapies and treatments will be most effective for your very specific and unique case. Every patients’ cancer is a combination of unique issues. Not all cancers have the same cause.


Your terrain is the various influences in your life that create the your soil that grew the cancer. Your diet, past medical treatments, traumas, toxic exposures and genetics/epigenetics have all contributed to your cancer diagnosis. 


There is no successful cancer therapy that does not include addressing a broken terrain. We follow the most up-to-date, well documented Integrative and metabolic-based protocols that either complement your conventional care or lead you out of a program that is failing you as your disease continues to progress. 


Long term complications may include increased gut permeability, impaired cardiovascular health, decreased cognitive health and neurological function and debilitating neuropathy, destruction of the immune system and even death. 


There is a BETTER way- a comprehensive plan with support and guidance - made just for YOU - not a generic protocol but a path carved out just for YOU based on your labs, oncology results, epigenetics, nutritional deficiencies, gut health, hormonal imbalances and emotional health. 


We would be honored to be part of your TEAM. 


Dagmara Beine, PA-C PhD

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Just Diagnosed

Were you JUST DIAGNOSED or relapsed?  Sign up here to receive information on

  • Creating a Team

  • Questions for your Oncologist

  • Packing list if you have to go inpatient

  • Testing to get before conventional treatment starts

And much more.

Currently in Treatment

Are you currently in treatment? Sign up here to receive information on how to best support your YOU during treatment.  

  • Importance of Integrative Support

  • Importance of nutrition during treatment.

  • Key supportive therapies 

And much more! 

Done with Conventional Treatment

Are you done with conventional treatment? Sign up to receive information on what to do next!  Included:

  • Gut Healing

  • Detoxing

  • Healing Emotionally

And much more!



We split our initial points of contact into THREE distinct consults to minimize “information overload”.
The practitioner consult (GUIDE) is sandwiched between two consults (“Gather” & “Grasp”) with our Terrain Advocates.

This process allows for you to feel completely supported. 

Are you ready to dive in to allow us to support you?

If so, please refer to our flow chart below to understand each consult and requirements.


Terrain Advocate
  • Clarification

  • Implementation

  • Schedule monthly follow-ups 

  • Schedule Therapies 


Dagmara Beine, PA-C PhD, or Kari Best, PA-C
  • Meet your practitioner and receive your roadmap and recommendations


Terrain Advocate
  • Terrain Advocate

  • One time visit to gather all of your information

  • Review of diagnosis details

  • Review of Diet

  • Address top broken Terrain


  • Call to Schedule Consultation

  • Schedule all 3 of your visits 

  • $150 down to secure appointment 


  • Register with Online Portal

  • Complete all intake forms

  • Upload relevant documents

  • Schedule lab work 


  • Complete blood work

  • Enter lab results into lab sheet and place in portal

  • Complete all tasks assigned by Terrain Advocate


  • Read through your roadmap

  • Note any questions 

Our GUIDE roadmap includes:

Assessing your Terrain:

  • Genetic, epigenetic and nutrigenomic modifications

  • Blood sugar balance

  • Toxin burden management

  • Balancing Microbiome

  • Immune system maximizations

  • Modulating inflammation and oxidative stress

  • Enhancing blood circulation

  • Establishing hormone balance

  • Recalibrating stress levels and biorhythms

  • Enhancing mental and emotional well being

  • Individualized plan with therapeutic protocol including recommendations for:

    • Nutrition

    • Gut Health/Microbiome

    • Sleep/Circadian Rhythm

    • Immune System Modulation

    • Supplements

    • Medications

    • Movement

    • Detoxification modalities

    • Mindfulness

    • IV/IM Therapies if indicated

    • Other Therapies if indicated 

    • Referrals if indicated

PRICE / INVESTMENT (local or virtual):


GUIDE ONE 1:1 in person or virtual $895


GUIDE PORTAL You will meet locally or virtually with our Terrain Advocates and Dagmara Beine will review your information and create an individualized plan but you will not have 1:1 time with her. This is best for patients who need to be seen sooner than Dagmara’s schedule allows $595



GUIDE ONE 1:1 in person or virtual $695

Dagmara Beine will be involved in every one of Kari Best’s patients. 


Price reflects time with Terrain Advocate and practitioner, time spent reviewing your story, intake paperwork, labs, tests and creating the best roadmap for your healing. 

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