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What’s inside:
  • Our GI Health IV Drip contains a proprietary blend of different vitamins, minerals, and aminos

  • Hydrating IV fluid

  • ​Amino acid blend to help boost collagen production, repair GI lining, protect lining from injury related to stress/inflammation

  • ​Vitamin C to increase collagen production and reduce inflammation


Benefits: A healthy gut is essential to overall health!  Our GI health vitamin IV infusion helps repair and restore your GI tract. This IV drip is packed with powerful nutrients known to help repair damaged cells of the GI lining, alleviate leaky gut, and decrease inflammation.  This hydrating IV therapy drip will have your tummy feeling healthy and happy in no time!


Who’s it good for:
  • To improve your GI health

  • To help alleviate symptoms of Crohn's, IBS, Celiac, and leaky gut


Treatment: 60-90 min
$180 per treatment
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