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HIGH DOSE IVC 25, 50, 75

What’s inside:
  • Our highest doses of Vitamin C IV (25grams and higher) to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress

  • ​This service is reserved for clients with cancer, viral illness, and lyme disease.  Please check out our Immune Boost if you do not have the above.


Benefits: Super charge your immune system with our high dose Vitamin C IV.  High Dose Vitamin C IV therapy is one of the best antiviral agents.

Vitamin C in high doses has been shown to help alleviate negative symptoms of chemotherapy, improves appetite, helps the body heal faster, improves the response to cancer therapies.

*In order to receive our 25 grams-50grams of vitamin C, you must have a G6PD lab test result*

Who’s it good for:
  • Cancer Patients

  • Viral Illness

$150, $200, $250
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