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What’s inside:
  • Hydrating IV fluid

  • ​Magnesium to assist with inflammation, energy, and muscle aches

  • ​Vitamin C to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress

  • ​Blend of B vitamins to assist with energy and mood


You may have heard of the “Myers Cocktail” when searching for IV nutritional therapies. This is Zuza’s Way own rendition of the Myers, packed with powerful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to get people the kickstart they need for a healthier life.


This IV therapy at Zuza’s Way provides relief from inflammation, pain, sinus congestion, vitamin deficiencies, malabsorption issues, fibromyalgia, seasonal allergies and more.  

Who is it good for?
  • To be proactive with health

  • Chronic illness such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, Crohn's, IBS, adrenal fatigue, etc

  • Post gastric bypass surgery

  • To reduce stress or inflammation

  • Pre or Post Travel

  • During gut healing protocols

Treatment: 45-60 minutes
$125 per treatment
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