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Initial Consultation $595


  • Individualized plan with therapeutic protocol including recommendations for:

    • Nutrition

    • Sleep/Circadian Rhythm

    • Supplements

    • Movement

    • Toxic Burden

    • Detoxification modalities

    • Mindfullness

    • IV Therapies if indicated

    • Referrals if indicated

  • Handouts given specific to your needs.

Prior to appointment (1 weeks prior) you need to submit:

  • Old medical records pertinent to your concern – labs, imaging

  • Complete our Intake forms

  • Complete our wellness panel labs* ( must do this 2 weeks prior to appointment)

*labs are not included in the price of the consultation

I will be spending 2-3 hours reviewing your old records, intake form and new labs in preparation for our 80 minute consultation at which we will review in detail your protocol and get to know each other.

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