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Integrative Comprehensive Care

Integrative Comprehensive Care: Includes pediatric and adult patients needing in depth care to address their concern.  Examples include but are not limited to autoimmune disease, gut health, weight loss, chronic disease (diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.), depression/anxiety, POTS, PANS/PANDAS and unexplained symptoms of fatigue, pain, headache, food sensitivities, digestion issues, tremors and more.  


Is this right for me?

  • Frustrated with the current care of your diagnoses/disease

  • Have symptoms that no one can figure out

  • Want to have a more natural approach to your diagnosis/disease process

  • Want a very comprehensive look and approach to your health

  • Want to optimize your health


Confused if you should make a comprehensive care visit? Email us at


60-minute initial consultation - in person or virtual


​​ Assessing your Terrain:

  • Genetic, epigenetic and nutrigenomic modifications

  • Blood sugar balance

  • Toxin burden management

  • Balancing Microbiome

  • Immune system maximizations

  • Modulating inflammation and oxidative stress

  • Enhancing blood circulation

  • Establishing hormone balance

  • Recalibrating stress levels and biorhythms

  • Enhancing mental and emotional well being

  • Individualized plan with therapeutic protocol including recommendations for:

    • Nutrition

    • Gut Health/Microbiome

    • Sleep/Circadian Rhythm

    • Immune System Modulation

    • Supplements

    • Medications

    • Movement

    • Detoxification modalities

    • Mindfulness

    • IV/IM Therapies if indicated

    • Referrals if indicated

    • Additional 30 min support with Terrain Advocate Heidi RN (not on same day)

Prior to appointment (1 weeks prior) you need to submit:

  • Old medical records pertinent to your concern – labs, imaging

  • Complete our Intake forms

  • Complete our wellness panel labs* (must do this 2 week prior to appointment)

*Labs are not included in the price of the consultation

I will be spending 2-3 hours reviewing your old records, intake form and new labs in preparation for our 80-minute consultation at which time we will review in detail your protocol and get to know each other.  Your plan will be ready to be viewed within 72 hours of our consultation.


2023 Fee Schedule

Dagmara Beine, PA-C PhD
Comprehensive Care Visit: $595 || Follow up visits: $250


Sandra Homan
Comprehensive Care Visit $395 || Follow up visits: $200

Ryan Beine PA-C
Comprehensive Care Visit $395 II Follow up visits: $200


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