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Integrative Family Care - Well Visits

We are thrilled to announce we are now opening our clinic for WELL VISITS- because the key to a good health journey is PREVENTION.


Is this right for me?

  • You or your child want to establish care with our practice

  • You or your child have no diagnoses or big concerns

  • You or your child are healthy and need a yearly exam

  • You or your child do not have any chronic medical diagnoses or concerns

Confused if you should make a Well visit? Email us at

Your visit includes access to our practice and secure messaging portal. 
Portal messages are billed according to time spent by practitioner answering the concern– with a minimum of $25 per message.


2023 Fee Schedule

Sandra Homan, NP
Well Child Visit 0-12 years old (30 min):$175
Well Child Visit 13-17 years old (30 min): $200
Well Adult Visit (40 min): $250

Form filled out – outside of office visit: $50

Portal Visit: $125

(Practitioner reviews your concern and labs and responds with a plan/answer electronically – this is electronic communication only)

Urgent Care Visits: $225


Phone calls for patients with other providers are charged at the rate of $15 per 5 provider minutes spent, with a minimum of $15 per call/message.

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