A cancer diagnosis has a way of completely paralyzing us. Fear takes over and most of our decisions for our loved one or ourselves are led by fear.

I felt consumed with fear too. The first month was a blur after we found out our 3.5 year old daughter had cancer. I remember the poor statistics and sitting through the discussion of all the terrible possible acute and long term side effects from the chemotherapy.


I believed in my doctors and trusted their experience, but something inside me stirred when I was told Zuza could eat anything as long as we get calories in her. ANYTHING? I looked around and saw kids getting chemotherapy who were drinking soda and eating ice cream. It felt wrong.


I thought, how can this be right? I knew that the foundation of our health is nutrition. How can nutrition not matter when someone is trying to rid their body of cancer?


As a mom trying to help save my daughter’s life, I started on a mission to find the best tools to help Zuza’s immune system handle the cancer and to help her thrive as a cancer survivor.


Zuza’s option for nutrition while she still was able to eat from the hospital was processed hot dogs, chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese. Once she became unable to tolerate food by mouth they wanted to give her pediasure through the NG tube. Pediasure’s first three ingredients were sugar, corn and soy. This was the first of many obstacles we encountered in the hospital. The nutritionist was annoyed with us because we used breast milk and our own super juice (organic vegetable juice we made) and it was more work for her to calculate the calories Zuza was getting. I quickly noticed the huge disconnect between western care of the cancer with chemotherapy and integrative care of the cancer patient with many tools. No one in the western world even mentioned mindfulness and its importance in the healing process.


I consumed integrative oncology books daily while we were inpatient. I sought out second opinions and consulted integrative providers across the world. When Zuza did not ever go to the ICU like they predicted “every child with this cancer ends up in the ICU” they did not ask me about all the other tools I was using. They just called her “weirdly resilient”. There was nothing weird about it.


Five years later to the day, Zuza’s cancer returned.  Statistics even scarier than before. Yet now it was different.  Having spent the last five years educating myself and guiding other pediatric cancer families on their journey’s – I knew what do to.  With the use of ketosis, mistletoe, high dose IVC and key supplements, Zuza attained remission right away and had NO side effects from the chemotherapy.  She left the hospital 20 days earlier than most children going through this therapy.  Her best chance at life being a bone marrow transplant we prepared, and she thrived through.  Zuza did not even have mucositis – a painful side effect we were told is unavoidable.  She has so much less suffering and she is healing and thriving today.  THAT IS WHAT YOUR CHILD DESERVES. The best CHANCE on the journey and the least suffering.  That is my passion and my calling and in a twisted way I was able to help save my daughter with the tools I learned and patients I helped for years before she relapsed.  Zuza has been my greatest teacher. 


90% of pediatric cancer patients have late effects. But I discovered that late effects can be reduced or completely avoided if there is a strategic plan.


Every single cancer patient is different and deserves a caring and strategic plan for their healing journey. This is a healing journey we do together. I act as your health coach, educator and medical advisor.


I understand how overwhelming cancer can be because I have gone through the experience. I take a caring approach to develop programs that are doable for parents and kids, and support and boost your individual immune system at whatever stage of the journey you are on.


Being able to determine what works and what doesn’t, what’s necessary and what isn’t, can take precious time that cannot be wasted. There is an enormous amount of knowledge required in order to make smart, life-saving decisions regarding your Childs healing journey. I will help you determine which therapies and treatments will be most effective for your very specific and unique case. Every patients’ cancer is a combination of unique issues.  Not all cancers have the same cause. 


I would be honored to be part of your families team.


Dr. Dagmara Beine