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Adult or Pediatric Cancer Membership Rates

12 Month Plan

8 Visits
6 part Health Plan
10 mini (15 min) check in’s
Portal Communication
15% off Supplements

$250/month with 12 month committment
and no refunds

6 Month Plan

6 Visits
6 Part Health Plan
5 mini (15 min) check in’s
Portal Communication
15% off Supplements

$350/month with 6 month committment
and no refunds

New Patient Process


Initial Consultation $595



  • Individualized plan with therapeutic protocol including recommendations for:

    • Nutrition

    • Sleep/Circadian Rhythm

    • Supplements

    • Movement

    • Toxic Burden

    • Detoxification modalities

    • Mindfullness

    • IV Therapies if indicated

    • Referrals if indicated

  • Handouts given specific to your needs.


Prior to appointment (1 weeks prior) you need to submit:

  • Old medical records pertinent to your concern – labs, imaging

  • Complete our Intake forms

  • Complete our wellness panel labs* ( must do this 2 weeks prior to appointment)

*labs are not included in the price of the consultation


I will be spending 2-3 hours reviewing your old records, intake form and new labs in preparation for our 80 minute consultation at which we will review in detail your protocol and get to know each other.


Follow Up

$125/250 depending on complexity and length.Most follow up appointments will be virtual over the phone or Zoom application.


Infusion Clearance

Infusion Clearance is for individuals who have a physician and medical plan and are only in need of Infusion Therapy.

Infusion clearance does not come with a thorough medical exam or in-depth plan (for that please see Initial Consultation) It does come with a brief evaluation that includes:

  • Infusion Clearance Intake Form

  • Blood Work and Urine sample (CBC, CMP, G6PD)

  • Vital Signs


If you are under the care of another physician and would just like to utilize the Infusion Therapy at Zuza’s Way Integrative Care then the Infusion Clearance is appropriate for you.

Cost for the Infusion Clearance is $150 and does include your laboratory work.​

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