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Did you know that I am CERTIFIED by the International Center for Cannabinoid Therapy in Clinical Mastery of Prescribing Hemp?

  • This means that I took an in depth certification course for health care professionals only that allowed me to:

  • Gain needed evidence-based skill on HEMP prescribing

  • Learn to integrate HEMP therapy into current clinical practice

  • Review of current clinical literature on various conditions treated with HEMP (Immune, Autoimmune, Inflammation, Insomnia, Anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

  • Acquire knowledge of new clinical protocols that integrate HEMP therapy with other botanicals and nutraceuticals

  • Discussions of neuro-inflammation and pathology of the brain, eye, and gut link

Not all CBD products are created equal and dose is important in therapeutics.

I use CBD for:

  • Gut healing

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Pain

  • Autoimmune

  • Headache

  • and more!

Route is also important. Some of my patients take the oil, others use a patch while some prefer to vape.

Have questions? Ask me at your next appointment about how Hemp could benefit you.

Yes. The Farm Bill was finally signed by our President and Hemp is now legal in every state and removed from the Controlled Substances list.

The picture below is of our HEMP field – 2018 was a great “test year” and 2019 will be our first official year in the HEMP business. We will be growing organic – quality hemp and selling starting fall of 2019!

Online store with my preferred CBD products linked to my website going live in Jan 2019.

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