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Kelly B

Zuza’s Way has helped our personal family as well as our extended family in so many positive ways! We are so incredibly blessed and lucky to have met Dagmara along our daughters ALL cancer journey. We were looking for more natural approaches to healing our daughter. Dagmara has offered that and then some!! She has helped us change the way we eat and be aware of all the best things that can help our daughter and our family. No question is a dumb question and her return time with any question is always prompt. I feel I could call her in the middle of the night with any questions or concerns. Her bedside manner is so amazing!

1.5 years ago we welcomed Dagmara into our home and she sat down with our family to offer the best possible care and options/supplements for our sweet daughter. We have felt so confident this has helped in her in so many ways! We have seen it heal her….All of her help as helped heal her gut so she could gain weight, and helped us beware of what we can do to better as a family to THRIVE. We are all so aware of what is best for our bodies and our home to keep cancer away. And we have spread the word so more people can be aware.

With the help of Dagmara, we are helping our daughter with side effects that come from chemo…we are helping heal along the way, what a wonderful feeling! I have sent many people to Zuza’s Way and am so happy our paths crossed. We can’t thank her enough for helping us get to where we are today!

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