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Meghan S

When our son was diagnosed with cancer at 21 months old, I started obsessively researching integrative support for his diagnosis. I think it was my way of coping, because I couldn’t bear the thought of doing nothing but waiting to see if the chemo and radiation would work. I was quickly thrown into a whole new world of supplements, detox modalities, juicing, EMF reduction, etc. and was so motivated and encouraged by other parents I found making the same efforts. However, I was constantly overwhelmed and plagued with the fear of never “doing enough” to support our son. Zuza’s way has been an absolutely invaluable resource to our family. Through various tests, we designed a completely custom plan for our son that would help him thrive in the face of the toxic treatments he was receiving. I no longer felt like we were “shooting in the dark” in terms of supplements because the tests we pursued showed us exactly what HE needed. Out of all of the many aspects of our journey with integrative cancer care, without a doubt the most important investment we made was getting Zuza’s Way on our team. We saw immediate and tangible results after implementing the protocol that Dagmara recommended. If I have one piece of advice for a family facing a childhood cancer diagnosis, it is to get an integrative provider on your team as soon as possible. I am so incredibly grateful to Zuza’s Way for walking this journey with us!

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