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Hi friends! As you may know if you follow me on Instagram, or are a frequent flyer over at the Zuza’s Way Clinic, we now offer The O-Shot™ to our patients! The O in ‘O Shot™’ is said to be short for Orgasm, yet this healing modality does so much more than ‘just’ enhance and increase orgasm - although that alone would be a fantastic benefit!

PRP and PPP injections are such wonderful healing modalities, as they literally harness our bodies' very own growth factors to heal, restore and invigorate!

I always preach that full body healing contains a mental, and a spiritual element - sexual intimacy is a part of this! A lot of my patients are on a journey that entails getting chemotherapy. Once we pass through the acute phase of illness, and we’re now recovering, healing and embracing our new selves, we often find that our intimate health isn’t what it once was.

And it’s not just chemotherapy that can throw a wrench in things. Menopause, childbirth, hormonal imbalances, chronic dis-ease… Incontinence, dryness, pain with intercourse and lack of (satisfying) orgasm are so much more common than we may initially believe because we don’t speak about it enough. Do you know that at least 10% of women have never reached an orgasm? For many more women, climaxing is inconsistent, or just not satisfying. This can be triggered by a life or health event, or can be something you’ve always dealt with.

Painful intercourse is another common ailment women face throughout their life. This can happen after childbirth, due to hormonal changes, or after a health event. In conventional medicine, if you’re facing pain with intercourse, your doctor might prescribe you either a hormone cream, or a lidocaine numbing cream. If you’re numb down there… intercourse isn’t going to hurt - but it’s not going to feel GOOD either!

Adding synthetic hormones to your body is a bad idea all around. Especially for women who have been through (breast) cancer and a hormonal healing program… you do not want to go down this path.

Yet, sexual intimacy is important & so healing. What’s a gal to do? Enter Platelet Rich Plasma! This modality creates a concentrated, local regenerative effect and does not increase estrogen. This regeneration also has potential to heal incontinence, dryness, and lichen sclerosis - through harnessing your body's own ability to heal! No bandaids, no synthetic hormones!

Friends, I am thrilled to be offering this at our clinic. Reach out to me here, or click here for additional information!

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