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PRP Before And After

Often, my patients struggle with their reclaiming of themselves post treatment. Part of this may be that physically, your body feels different now. Maybe you look different now. Maybe your body works differently now… Or you just crave a confidence boost as you emerge from the trenches! Similar to the power of getting dressed in the morning, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to work on your appearance - it's empowering and plays a part in the healing journey of many.

Unfortunately, when it comes to cosmetic treatments our available options are often limited to injectable toxins, fillers, and implants. For those who are on a healing journey, or holistic minded, these modalities can feel like too high of a risk.

This is why we decided to incorporate Platelet-Rich Plasma & Platelet-Poor Plasma treatment into our clinic. This is a beautiful, non invasive, non-toxic way to use your own body's healing properties to enhance your appearance, or function.

While PRP & PPP can be useful for many things, today I want to tell you about the ‘Vampire Breast Lift™ and the Vampire Facial™ ’ - while the names may sound like some kind of Twilight meets Nip Tuck TV Special… It's really just a nickname given because of the way this treatment uses your own blood, or rather, platelets, to help regenerate, repair, and rejuvenate damaged or aged tissues.

Both the Vampire Breast Lift™ & the Vampire Facials™ work in much the same way, through stimulating new collagen, elastin, fibrin and adipose tissue development. More specifically, it uses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP Injections) and platelet-poor plasma (PPP Injections) to stimulate new tissue development. You’ll see an improvement in your skin, increased collagen, and in the case of the breast lift, an increase in volume - up to 2 cup sizes!

While Kim Kardashian is credited with shooting this facial treatment to fame, I like to show before and after photos from humans who don’t have a full time esthetic team. See below for a few examples:

Note the reduction in sunspots and melasma, reduced under eye bags, and plumper, smoother, luminant skin.

In our clinic we are driven by our mission to help you heal. We work with a medical grade, top of the line double spin centrifuge, and your treatment will be done by a practitioner, not a nurse. The body wants to heal. This is one of the many modalities we have in our toolbox to encourage your body to do so, by using what your body already has - nothing foreign.

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