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Flu Prevention

Are you preparing for Flu Season?

While getting the flu vaccine is an individual choice (one that should be respected by your health care provider) - I do not recommend it to my patients.


Most importantly- the CDC has shows us year after year that it is not very effective.

From the CDC website: CDC conducts studies each year to determine how well the influenza (flu) vaccine protects against flu illness. While vaccine effectiveness (VE) can vary, recent studies show that flu vaccination reduces the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60% among the overall population.

So what do I recommend?

1. Vitamin D

Medical literature suggests vitamin D may actually be a FAR more effective strategy, and the evidence for this goes back at least a decade.

Check your vitamin D levels with your practitioner and make sure your levels are over 50 going into Flu Season.

If they are not - work with your provider to get those levels up quickly before Flu Season hits.

2. Nourish your body

Studies show many nutritional deficiencies can lead to increased risk of getting the Flu. So nourish your body with organic- real- food and take a daily:

Quality MultiVitamin (with zinc and selenium)

Quality probiotic and probiotic-rich foods

Quality Vitamin C ( my families new favorite new Vitamin C is Sufficient C powder)

Use homemade bone broth or vegetable broth in your cooking.

3. Wash Your Hands

For 20 seconds wash your hands with soap and water only and not hand sanitizers.

4. Protect your SLEEP

Not getting enough sleep means your immune system is not as effective as it could be against the FLU.

Adults need at least 7 hours of good sleep at night and most kids depending on age need 10 plus hours.

When the Flu season hit's hard and you know its right around the corner and you want up your game - add these:

Echinacea: 1 tsp. twice daily (children down to ¼ of the dose ages 2-7 years old, and ½ the dose 8-12 years old, safe for pregnant/nursing women).

Medicinal Mushrooms: Host Defense Reishi by Host Defense Organic Mushrooms

Elderberry Syrup: 1 Tbsp. 3 times daily for adults (modify as for Echinacea for children, safe for pregnant /nursing women).


Rest and stay home PLEASE or keep your child home till there are NO more symptoms left. and then a day after that :) Sleep as much as your body needs.

Hydrate with herbal tea's, water and bone broth.

Take Supplements and Herbs

Kids: Start Immune Avenger daily from Herb Pharm and Kids Fast Asleep from Herb pharm

Adults: Daily Immune from Herb Pharm.

Fever Always use your judgment and be in contact with your primary care provider but not interrupting the fever with an antipyretic (ibuprofen or acetaminophen) will help kill the virus faster.

Fever over 102.5 please consult your practitioner.

There are many wonderful herbs and supplements that help the body kill the virus. Here is an amazing article from my teacher Aviva Romm:

If you are going to get the flu vaccine you can prepare by:

Taking high dose liposomal Vitamin C daily for a week before and after your shot.

Also here is another great article on detox from the vaccine:

Have any questions? Email me!


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