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"There is a Better Way!"

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

It's scary! You don't know what to do!

I had often wondered what I would do if I ever heard the Dr. say "You have cancer." I was about to find out!

I watched my dear Mother suffer, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and my cousin suffer. They all went the conventional route and I miss them all.

I knew there had to be a Better Way, but What? I prayed and I'm here to tell you, God answered my prayer. While searching for answers I heard about Mistletoe and Believe Big. I called Zuza's Way on Friday after Thanksgiving , not expecting them to answer. Just leaving a message made me feel like I accomplished one step. To my surprise, within 10 minutes Dagmara Beinie called. She said, I know cancer can be scary and I just want you to know I got your message and I can help you. I sat in my car with tears streaming, thanking God for the sweet calm voice that brought reassurance to my soul that day.

I now knew , which way God was leading me.

The first clue I had about my conventional oncologist was: while waiting on pins and needles for the biopsy report., I got the call, they had already scheduled my surgeon appointment. Hold On, I was screaming on the inside!

The second Clue was the Dr told me I should have chemotherapy- I had done my research and knew there was a test called Onco Dx , that could determine if chemo would be of any benefit and if so, what kind of chemo would be beneficial. The Dr never offered this test to me, but when I asked him for it, he knew exactly what test it was, and said he would order it. The test came back , "No apparent benefit to chemotherapy" !!

Let me just say, I am not opposed to conventional treatment at all, I am opposed to the abuse of it and the lack of using integrative therapies along with it.

Dagmara was a gift to me. She understood - She walked this journey with her precious child - she knew!

From the start, the testing - the visits - sitting and listening to me- patiently letting me pour out my questions - Guiding me - checking my labs consistently ( which my conventional dr. did not order these labs and when asked, refused), helping me make some of the toughest choices I had ever needed to make, these are the things I look back and say thank you , from the bottom of my heart!

If you are reading this, you may have heard those scary words , "You have cancer", or you have a loved one for whom you are concerned. I knew I was not choosing the conventional way and it was a little scary to choose this route, yet there was a profound peace that passes all understanding , when I made the decision. My children and family were so supportive, may I add "love can do wonders"!

I knew during my battle with cancer that others may not trust what I'm sharing- but I promised God that when He brought me into remission, I would shout it from the rooftops, so that others would know they had options!

I am shouting, friends, "There Is A Better Way!!!!!

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