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Facial Rejuvenation Injections

PRP Facial Rejuvenation Injections - Our clinic's newest holistic modality, an exciting and safe alternative to facial fillers!

Either as a standalone treatment (‘just’ PRP injections) or in combination with microneedling, this treatment is ideal for those who are looking to safely stimulate their own body to reverse the signs of aging in the skin through improving, or even eliminating the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin! 

One of the ‘jobs’ of the platelets in your blood is to promote collagen production, cell growth, and muscle repair. My patients with a history of chemotherapy may remember that during treatment, when platelets are low, you need to be careful about excessive bleeding, this is because platelets are responsible for that repair process that happens after an injury! By harnessing the Platelet Rich Plasma from your own blood, we are able to create a ‘natural filler’ that actually stimulates your body to rejuvenate - instead of just ‘filling’ as conventional facial injections do. The same process can be used for Vampire Facials®, Vampire Breast Lifts®,  and the O-Shot® and P-shot®  too. 


How do you collect my plasma?

Using a vein in your arm, we collect some blood. Then, we use the Emcyte Pure PRP® system to extract just what we need from your blood. We chose this equipment after extensive research, because it extracts the highest concentrations of platelets on the market while simultaneously removing 99% of red blood cells (RBC’s) which can hinder the regenerative process. Many other PRP systems fall short of delivering a final injectable that can be considered platelet-rich. Unlike many other systems, Emcyte is a completely closed system throughout all steps of the processing that meets the highest sterility standards.
At Zuza’s Way, we stand by our mission to heal. As such, we work with the best equipment, and a practitioner will complete the procedure - not a nurse.


Once obtained, we inject this solution of your own growth factors back into the facial area we are targeting. 


Areas ideal for stand-alone PRP therapy include:
  • Full Face (when no filler needed)

  • Neck (especially horizontal necklace lines)

  • Crow’s Feet

  • Under the eye Fine Wrinkles

  • Acne Scars


The entire procedure will take 60 minutes, although most of this is dedicated to obtaining your Platelet Rich Plasma. The actual treatment time itself is about 20 minutes, and you’ll be able to return to normal activity immediately - just hold off on vigorous exercise and activities such as trampoline jumping for about a week.


What is the difference between Facial Rejuvenation Injections and a Vampire Facial®?

In the case of Facial Rejuvenation Injections, we specifically target and concentrate the PRP injections on specific facial ‘problem areas’, and in the case of a Vampire Facial® the treatment, which includes microneedling, is applied over the entire facial area.


How long will it take to see results?

After your PRP and PPP have been injected, the growth factors call to your stem cells to begin the process of generating brand new tissue. In your first consultation, you’ll talk with our providers about setting realistic treatment expectations. The body requires a minimum of three months to generate new collagen, tissue, nerve endings, and blood vessels. For more immediate results, we recommend adding microneedling to your treatment.


Results are long term, as your body is literally rejuvenating - this is not a temporary filler. Many patients choose to get several treatments to increase their results, and often continue with treatments yearly. Results differ for every body. Your provider will recommend the appropriate approach for your goals.


Am I A Good Candidate?

Thanks to the minimal nature of side effects, these natural facial fillers work well for almost anyone! The reason for this is that the substances used in this procedure come from the patient him/herself, so there is absolutely no chance of an allergic reaction while undergoing this procedure. Some light bruising or soreness is common, and will resolve on its own over the course of a few days.
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PRP Facial Rejuvenation Injections $600 

Add on: Microneedling $400 

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