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Meghan Suchomski

I can’t say enough good things about this practice. When our 21-month-old son was diagnosed with cancer we spent countless hours researching integrative therapies that would help his body heal from the cancer, but also from the toxic effects the chemo and radiation were having on his health. I often felt like we were shooting in the dark. We didn’t really know what his body needed. Since we started working with Dagmara I have total peace and confidence that we can heal him. She tests each person to find out what THEY need as an individual. I feel like she cares about our son the way she cares about her own children. She is always extremely responsive whenever we have questions. We’ve referred many people to her since we started on this journey. Highly recommend!

Ashley Hanley

I felt like Zuza's way is the missing piece to our holistic life. As a member of the medical community I trust Dagmara and have full confidence in her advice. What a gift she gives to every family that visits her.

Kelly Bartel

Excellent provider, with amazing bedside manner! Dagmara's approaches to integrative care make me feel so much better about the path we are taking for our daughter, that we are healing as well as treating the cancer. She treats our daughter as one of her own. She always responds to my many questions in a quick manner! I absolutly love that she is always educating herself and learning about all the different options and care out there. She attends so many conferences! I have also received care for myself and have recommended her to many people. I would give her 5 stars, no question about it!

Jacob Fimreite

Exactly what I was looking for in a new doctor! Takes into consideration what your goals are and creates a plan to help you accomplish those goals. Helps with preventative changes to your life; listens to all questions and concerns; willing to research products on her end rather than just making changes.

Trisha Moore

Dagmara of Zuzas Way helped me and my family post-treatment for our daughters fight against leukemia. We started with a phone consultation which I, honestly, was a bit on edge for thinking we weren't "doing enough" or the right foods, supplements, etc. What impressed me most about Dagmara (beyond her vast, personal and current knowledge in holistic and functional health) was her ability to work with me and my family where we were at without judgement or force and with the ability to tailor suggestions to what we needed and believed was right for our child. Her suggestions were all-encompassing to include: sleep, nutrition, exercise, positivity, detox, menatl, emotional, spiritual...and on. Our whole family is better because of her advice. Our daughter is one year off-treatment and thriving! Thank you, Dagmara Beine and Zuzas Way!hat I was looking for in a new doctor! Takes into consideration what your goals are and creates a plan to help you accomplish those goals. Helps with preventative changes to your life; listens to all questions and concerns; willing to research products on her end rather than just making changes.

Lisa Kohler

I have just begun working with Dagmara but can already report that she is kind, patient and compassionate. She takes the time to explain the reason for her recommendations. I like that she is always willing to take my input into consideration as well.

Louisa Nickel

Zuza's Way has been a gift from heaven, as our 4 year old son goes through years of chemotherapy for leukemia. Dagmara has helped us find and restore the areas in his body that are out of balance and help bring healing back to his body that's constantly being damaged by chemo. Dagmara is one of the most amazing human beings you will ever meet, and will give you the most personalized care. I am so glad she is on our holistic care team!

Jayne Ader

Since I have worked in the Integrative Health field for over 25 years, I knew that when I received a diagnosis of cancer this past December, I wanted to pursue all that I could naturally to restore my body to health. I am especially concerned about late effects from radiation. After a friend referred me to Dagmara’s website, I knew I had found the right person to guide me on this particular health journey. Not only do I feel like we are on track to restoring health, but I am also thrilled that she can help me with other health imbalances that I was trying to resolve prior to this diagnosis. Dagmara has already provided a kind, compassionate, affirming, hopeful, courageous & comprehensive healing space for me. And I am extremely grateful to be working together with her on this healing adventure. I have already referred many friends to her practice. And just the fact that this non techy woman is writing here says a great deal about how her integrity in practice has inspired me.

Sue Roman

I highly recommend Dagmara she responded to my call immediately and listened to my concerns . She also went out of her way to get me in an earlier appointment. She was kind and took time to answer all my questions and I am looking forward to my follow up appointment after getting tests she has recommended. Its hard to find someone like her and I feel this was an answer to my prayers!

Rick Jurvis

Dagmara provides compassionate healing and really cares about the people she treats. I highly recommend her.


I highly recommend Dagmara and Zuza’s Way Integrative Care. I went to see her last December because I was tired of my PCP trying to put me on a Statin because my total cholesterol was high. Even though my HDL and Triglycerides were great! She ended up doing a lot of different lab tests and discovered I have the Autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. She put me on a Natural thyroid medication and I’m feeling great! She was very thorough and took the time to listen to me. She also has great follow up care.

Maria Viall

Kind, compassionate and rally listens to what her patients need. Looks at the root cause rather than just the symptoms. I refer all of my family and clients to Dagmara.

Christine Jepsen

Dagmara made me feel comfortable and welcome, she took the time to listen to my concerns.
She is very thorough, knowledgeable, attentive, and always provides a prompt response.
I highly recommend Zuza's Way.


My appointment with Dagmara was life changing. She takes the time to thoroughly research and understand your specific health needs and creates a personalized plan that encompasses body, mind, and spirit. She is knowledgeable, informative, and compassionate. With a recent scare that my cancer had returned, I felt defeated and paralyzed with fear. She transformed my apprehension into feelings of empowerment and gave me science based information and nutritional advice to restore my body to health. Her practice is successful in gracefully filling the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, I highly recommend you seek refuge in Zuza’s Way.

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